Thursday, 29 August 2013

mini break

Hello hope you are all well, today I have just got lots of pretty pictures to show you of my camping break away to Northhumberland. I have actually never been to Northhumberland although its only a 2 hour drive from where we live but we did go and I'm so glad I did, I had a brilliant time. Here are the photos:

Hope that wasn't too boring but it was just too nice not to show you.
Beth xxx
P.S I've got an announcement tomorrow to share with you, it's very exciting.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Catch up, New camera and Race Day

Hello everybody, this post is going to be a little random as I just need to update you all but my next post will be far more structured.

So first point is that recently I not been writing as much on my blog as i would like to.this is because a) I have had things going on in my life and b) I have felt I have been lacking some what in imagination of what to write on my blog.If you have being reading for a while you will be aware that I do go through stages of this, but I'm now back.

Second point is that I bought myself a big ass camera (no that's not the real name, it's a Nikon DLSR). I have been after one of these for so so long and I finally got one. This effects you cause my blog post will now come with shiny nice pictures (also if you watch my YouTube channel my videos will also be new and shiny).

Here are some pictures that I took on its first outing to the races yesterday.

me and my sister


lily and my dad

me and my sister
Beth xxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

DIY lace cami

Hi, so the other day I went to Primark and picked up one of their chiffon cami tops (very similar to topshops) for £5. It's my second one cause I love them so much and was very disappointed when I realised  I picked up a size too small. Instead of returning it (which would involve a train journey) or getting rid of it I decided to give it a bit of a makeover and I think I like it even better now. Here it is:


label added

 To this you will need:
Sewing machine/needle and thread
Label (if adding)

1. to start with you need to lay your cami on the floor or table and draw a line down the centre from the top to the bottom. Cut along this line to open the top up.

2. With the right sides together pin the lace and one side of the top together, stitch this in place. Complete on the other side.

3. To finish off the top and bottom turn over the lace twice to cover the raw edge.

4. You can add a little label like I did by using ribbon with your chosen words on and stitching that in place.

Hope you like my DIY.

Beth xxx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Barry M Gelly Nails

Hello I am so excited to blog today cause I'm talking about the Barry M gelly nails and I am very impressed by them. To say that I was sceptical about them is an understatement, I really wasn't expecting a lot from them. But they have really surprised me. They go on really nicely and very shiny and last about 5 days before major chipping and the biggest selling point for me, the shine lasts that long as well.
The colour grapefruit
One coat
Two coats after 4 days
Have you tried the gelly nails?
Beth xxx

Saturday, 3 August 2013

I'm on twitter

Hi just quickly letting you know that I am on twitter (it's very exciting) my name is @BethSutherland.