Friday, 30 December 2011

thank you and a happy new year

hey i hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and you got everything you asked for i just wanted to write to say thank you to the two people that left lovely comments on how good my blog is and they are lovely to get and do make me want to keep writing.

as i haven't wrote in a while due to holidays and Christmas i thought i better tell you about a collection of nail polish by nails inc that was been given out free in glamour magazine in the December issue. now i know this is a little late and i doubt there will be any left but i am going to do a review on them any way. so they were four polishes all very nice colours called basil street, Victoria, Tate and Piccadilly circus.

you may still be able to get them on the nails Inc site or on eBay and it would definitely recommend them.

hope you all see the new year in well i have got lots of posts waiting to be posted so just bare with.

thanks Beth XXX

Friday, 16 December 2011

new hair

hey all i know i have not wrote in a while but this is to just say hi as i am getting ready for skiing tomorrow. yey! so i was just going to show you my new hair which i love and just say wait because i will be away for a week!!!!! 
hope you all like it and have a fab Christmas
love of love thanks Beth XXX

Monday, 5 December 2011

oh how i do love lush

Hey so I have been wanting to try a face mask from lush for a while now but i was never sure which ones were right for skin blah blah blah. so when i was approached in the shop by a very nice looking women who seemed to know what she was talking about i took it with both hands. so left the shop very happy with lots of information and a free sample (of the chocolate one) which smells amazing!!!!!
(beware scary pic coming up now)
So I gave it a go that  night and OMG it was fantastic and left my skin glowing. So I would definitely say try it.
Thanks Beth XXX

Sunday, 4 December 2011

this festive feeling

 Hey now I know I haven't done a post since November but now is a new month and I am already feeling festive and it's only the 4th. So why so festive? I hear you say well the Christmas tree is already up I started my Christmas shopping and my advent calenders are up so why not? anyway enough of my wittering i was going to show you all my beautiful Christmas tree.
sorry about bad camera skills but you get the idea
also now that the festive party's are raising there heads i thought i would tell you all how to do twiggy inspired make up so here goes.
step one- i had my normal makeup face make up on (e.g. foundation, blusher, powder)
step two-apply a pale eyeshadow i had a light gold on
step three-with liquid eye liner create a cat flick on the top lashes by tracing the lash line then finish with a flick
step four-on the lower lash line do little line with the eyeliner
step five-finish with mascara

Simple as that!
So thank you for reading hope to speak to you soon.
Thank you Beth XXX