Monday, 30 April 2012

powder puff

Hey today I am going to be talking about another lip product, by now you have properly got that lip product are a fave of mine, so the lip product that I am reviewing is the matte lip cream by collection 2000 in cream puff in powder puff.
it's the one on the right...

Look: I love the look of this on the lip as it is nude but still has warmth to it.

Smell: This smells amazing it smells like toffee

Texture: It's not drying, matte and very soft on the lips. What my can I say? The only things i have to say is to make sure you don't have chapped lips or it can make then look drier. is drier a word? who knows.

Overall I like this product and I am going to and by the other colours and I think you should too.
you can get it here

Thanks Beth XXX

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New MAC lipstick!

Hi today I am telling you all about my brand new MAC lipstick. Now I know I don't have to praise mac lipsticks as you all know the power of them. But this is my first mac lipstick as I have had some bad experience with a mac lip gloss. This lip gloss is a really nice pale pink with slight sparkle in it, but it has the most hideous smell that I just can't get over. Any way I got over it and purchased a lipstick (at a discount as well).

The lipstick I got is called Dress it up it is £16.50 online and at the mac shop but I got it at a dicount cosmetics store that sells mac for £11.75.

This lipstick is a perfect baby pink in a pro long wear (which really does last a very long time) any way i love the texture as it i matt and the colour is just perfect.

Which is you favourite mac lipstick? and  have you got the same one I have?

Thanks Beth XXX

Saturday, 7 April 2012

new products

hi i got some new products at boots the 3 for 2 deal so i had a little spend. so i am showing you today but i am going to review them separately later on. (sorry for the bad swatching)

i got natural collection concealer, 17 lip tint and collection 2000 cream puff matt lip gloss

(from the top) concealer in fair, matt lip gloss in cream puff and lip tint in berry crush
Thanks Beth XXX

Friday, 6 April 2012

such a nice day

 Hay I had a fab day with a very close friend the other day when we had the nice weather and I thought I would share some pics I took with you all.

a very pretty picture of near where i live over a bridge.
(don't you think this would be the perfect place for a romantic kiss on a evening, just saying)

we had our nails done that day Naomi had a french manicure and i had a very pretty lilac that looks blue on this pic.

a little picnic we had on while on a mini bike ride.

Naomi on the bike ride

me on the bike ride wearing top from primark, hoodie from abercrombier and Fitch, leggings from new look, shoes from new look, and necklace from monsoon.

Hope you had a nice day?

Thanks Beth XXX

Thursday, 5 April 2012

nail of the day

Hi just a quick one today I just wanted to show you all my spotty dotty nails today.

barry m 306 blueberry ice
(from little finger) rimmel coralisous,accessorize sunny days, accessorize apricot crush and barry m 309 stawberry ice. 
white dots using a nail art pen but you could use a tooth pick with white pen.

Hope you like them....

Thanks Beth XXX