Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wake me up ...

Hey how you all doing? Today I am going to review rimmel wake me up foundation. I got this in glamour magazine a couple of weeks ago and I only just got round to it. So ...
Sent: light non offencive sent
Texture: light and creamy
Claims: anti-fatigue and radiant glow
Effects: This is a lovely foundation that glides on to the skin a melts into it.It has a slight shimmer to it that I know that some people will hate but I love as it really does make you glow.
Negatives: I have none I really do recommend it.
Colour match: I have only tried one colour that was 200 soft beige that is slightly dark for me but it can be worn.
(this can be found in boots/superdrug)

Have you tried this what do you think?
Thanks Beth XXX

Friday, 24 February 2012

That Friday Feeling XXX

Hi there I know I have not been the best blogger for a while know and I need to focus more on it so here is a new start. OK. So I thought I would tell you what i have planned and what's coming up. So I have lots of samples coming to me in the post I and I will be testing and reviewing them very soon. I will also be doing some nail art looks that I found on the web and recreated my self and finally I am doing some new makeup looks on my friends some so I will be showing you them and teaching you how to recreate them. If you have any more ideas please don't hesitate to ask me and also remember to follow me all you have to do is click the button that says 'follow this site'. I would really appreciate it.
Thanks Beth XXX  

Thursday, 16 February 2012

nail of the day

barbie nails (and lips)
this is jack wills lipstick in hot pink and nails inc in new york with silver glitter over the top
thanks beth XXX

Just Thinking ....?

Hey just a quick one this, so I was just thinking and I want to know you're views on weather i should start a making you tube videos. Can i hear your views on this and if you would watch them.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

nail of the day

Hey just a quick one to say that as I am off school this week, yey, I am going to be doing nail of the day so here is my first one.
this is nails in in basil street (nude) and Piccadilly circus (red)
hope you like it
thanks Beth XXX

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hey today I am writing about four products that I really like and I think you should go out and but them! So I will get right to them.

so the first one i a body shop born lippy mango peach lip balm , this  is really nice on your lips and it adds a nice shine without it been too sticky .

the second is a mascara from Rimmel called sexy curves this is really good because it adds volume to lashes without making them clumpy and it never smudges.

the third is a hairspray from Trevor Sorbie called beautiful volume hairspray this is amazing because holds hair all day but does ot make it look like your wearing hair spray ( do you know what i mean?)

the finally is another lip balm from l'Occitaine called Delice des fleurs this is a lip balm that is very pink and has a slight simmer to it that is why i think it is worth buying.

I hope you like them all
Thanks Beth xxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

10 of my favs

Hey I just had a brain wave so am going to do my favourite 10 nail polishes.So here they are.
Sorry I don't know prices or where to get them from as I have collected these over many years so soz, but I can recommend any of them as I think they are very good. If any of you know where to get them from or how much they are please comment below.
Thanks Beth XXX