Sunday, 26 August 2012

Updates to my room

Hey hope you are all OK? Today I am showing you a small part of my room that I have just updated.

This is my new shelf with lots of pretty things that I have collected, so starting top left a vintage sweet jar I am going to fill with cotton wool, my new Ted Baker shoes, a B, a vinyl of the grease album, my clutch bag, this is a red bull leather jacket that I bought of eBay I don't know why I bought it because it is a motorbike jacket and ride but hey it may come in useful one day and finally a photo of some shoes until I find a better one to go in there.
Here are the shoes I love them so much.
Hope you like my little snippet of my room?
Thanks Beth xxx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

New handbag

Hi so today I have a super quick post to show you all my new very outrages, not like me at all bag. It was a Alexander McQueen copy from a small boutique near wear i live and although it was still expensive it is a snip at what the real ones are so I definitely love it.

Now I know everybody is not going to like it because really it is not the kind of thing i would go for but you just gotta love it and I desperately need a party to go to (Josie if you are reading this I really need to out some wear so I can take it with me)

So here it is....
How pretty is it I just keep looking at it I LOVE it so much.
Hope you like tell me what you think????
Thanks Beth xxx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Primark haul

 Hi no I have not died I have simply been really busiess but today I thourght I would shoe you what i picked up from Primark in Newcastle yesterrday. Now before I show you what i got I am going to tell you that I was not a happy bunny, I went all the way to Newcastle from York to get some new shoes and they where having a remodel meaning htey had no shoe department. So no shoes but I did pick up a few bits and bobs.

peach shirt with a cream collor in the sale £5
cream lace shorts £12

collor necklace £5

navy lace dress £15

I love the things i bought and I am going to London for 3 days so I will be doing some OOTD while I am there.

Thanks Beth xxx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Too early?

Hi how are you all? I don't know about you but I am now sick of the half hearted British summer. You may now be screaming at your computer in dismay but the nice hot few days we have had are nice but I just love autumn so much, I can hardly wait for it to get here. so to get you all in the autumn mood i made a nice mood board for you.

What do you think is it too early or can you not wait to crunch those leaves with them boots (how gorgeous are they?)
Thanks Beth xxx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Most worn makeup tag

Hi just wanted to say thank you to my followers you have no idea how happy it makes me see new followers. Anyway you will have guessed from the title that this is a tag i got this tag from Lizzie at Cupcakes and Cosmetics (go and check here out). I will just get on with it shall I?

1) Most worn lipstick and lip gloss

This one really tricky as I have so many lipsticks but I had to pick my body shop lipstick. This is the perfect 'your own lip colour but better' colour.(shade 48)

2) Most worn eyeliner

I would say my body shop liquid liner in brown

3) Most worn nail polish

This one was very easy nails inc basil street , the perfect nude.

4) Most eyeshadow

The mua heaven and earth palette and for just four pounds (wow)

5) Most worn concealer

Easy. Collection 2000 lasting perfection

6) Most worn foundation

This was tricky because I don't wear foundation everyday so I don't use it that often but I would have to say rimmel wake me up.

7) Most worn powder

Bourjois compact powder in sable rose

8) Most worn blush

I love blush because my favourite colour is pink so it appeals to me. I have to say my body shop one in 05

9) Most worn bronzer

I love bronzer so this was easy my Chanel soleil tan de Chanel in 607 terre d'or

10) Most worn mascara

My body shop super volume in 01 black

If you would like me to do more tags please say because I never know if people like to read them or not.

Thanks Beth xxx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hi I am back, I know I said i would only be away for four days but I have been lacking imagination so i have not written in a while. So today I thought I would show you my very colourful nails.

In this I have used Barry m pink flamingo and Barry m blueberry ice cream .

Thanks Beth xxx