Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Glamping ...

Hi a really quick catch up to tell you all that I will be absent for four days as I am going glamping (yes) so i will see you when i get back.

Here is my outfit for the day though.

This is my new jumper from TK Maxx

Thanks Beth xxx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

revlon just bitten lip stain

Hi this is a review on the Revlon just bitten lip crayon, I picked this up from super drug fro £5.99 (rrp £7.99 after offer). This is my new favourite lip product it is so lovely to wear. It has a glossy moisturising feel that then wears of but you are left with a really nice colour that lasts for a couple of hours.

this is  rendez vous

I would recommend this to any one looking for a lip stick to wear for summer as this is lighter then a lipstick put still gives you a burst of colour. (I like it so much I may go and get some more colours)

Thanks Beth xxx


Hi everybody I know I said I was going to post every day but blogger has been playing up so I am putting these three posts all today to catch up (sorry about this)

Any way this is a outfit worn into town a couple f days ago.
jumper-river island, jeans-Zara, shoes(added later)-jack wills flip flops.

Sorry about the slippers I put my shoes on later.

Thanks Beth xxx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lazy day

Hi so today I know I said that I would do a How to for ombre nails but today i am being very lazy and really can't type today so instead I thought i would show you some nice photos that I took today...

 lazy day=me no makeup and hair scraped back
how gorgeous are these

very rustic i thought

Hope you like them I do like photography

Thanks Beth xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ombre nails

Hi a super fast post to show you my ombré nails tomorrow I will do a how to of them tomorrow....

What do you think???
(I know they are really bad photos I did not have time to take nice ones) (sorry)
Thanks Beth xxx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Mini Haul

Hey I am on a bit of a roll with these posts, so today I am showing you the things I got on a shopping trip with my mum yesterday. I didn't get allot but I thought I may as well shoe you.

The first thing I got was a minerals skin finish in rose quartz from MAC. I love this I have only used it once but it is super pretty and glittery. (£14.99 from a discount MAC store)

The second thing I got was a wax jacket from Marks and Spencer's. I know this is not your usually place to this kind of thing from but it is really nice and living in the country side (kind of) I think this is a useful by. (£45)

The third and final thing I got was my favourite it is a jumper that goes from navy to hot pink and is slightly longer at the back then the front, I think this will look really nice with black leggings. (£14.99 from T K Maxx)

Not a very big spree but I love all things I bought. I am of to Ikea tomorrow so I will show you my purchases from there.

Thanks Beth xxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

pink flamingo

Hi recently I added to my ever growing nail polish collection by buying Barry M's Pink Flamingo, and you have no idea how much I love it. It is almost a neon pink but slightly toned down. as far as the actual formula goes it's a typical Barry M polish, nice colour pay of, lasts a good amount of time.
you can get it from Boots for £2.99. 

(a really fast post U know but hey)
Thanks Beth xxx

6 weeks

Hi how is everybody? Now I am aware that I have not blogged in over two weeks but any one who is in education or works in education will now that the last two weeks of term are a little bit of a nightmare, but from yesterday I have finished for a whole six weeks (YES). So I thought that today was a good to tell you plans that I have for this blog.
  • My plan number one is that I am going to write every day for six weeks so if you want 42 (yes i worked it out)  blogposts please stay tuned.
  • I am planning a giveaway for my 100th so that is very exiting
  • I my start to video again on you tube. I was not happy with my first attempt but maybe if I try again it will go better. It would be really nice if you could tell if that's what you would like to see on this blog. 
i did not have a photo to put on so i went for a very poesy pic (don't judge we all have them)
If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see please comment below it really does help me.
Thanks Beth xxx

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Hi just a quick outfit of the day today I wore this to a meal out the other day so hope you like it.

jumper (jigsaw), jeans (Zara), shoes (h and m)

(real posts coming soon I promise)
Thanks Beth xxx