Sunday, 4 December 2011

this festive feeling

 Hey now I know I haven't done a post since November but now is a new month and I am already feeling festive and it's only the 4th. So why so festive? I hear you say well the Christmas tree is already up I started my Christmas shopping and my advent calenders are up so why not? anyway enough of my wittering i was going to show you all my beautiful Christmas tree.
sorry about bad camera skills but you get the idea
also now that the festive party's are raising there heads i thought i would tell you all how to do twiggy inspired make up so here goes.
step one- i had my normal makeup face make up on (e.g. foundation, blusher, powder)
step two-apply a pale eyeshadow i had a light gold on
step three-with liquid eye liner create a cat flick on the top lashes by tracing the lash line then finish with a flick
step four-on the lower lash line do little line with the eyeliner
step five-finish with mascara

Simple as that!
So thank you for reading hope to speak to you soon.
Thank you Beth XXX

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