Monday, 23 July 2012

Mini Haul

Hey I am on a bit of a roll with these posts, so today I am showing you the things I got on a shopping trip with my mum yesterday. I didn't get allot but I thought I may as well shoe you.

The first thing I got was a minerals skin finish in rose quartz from MAC. I love this I have only used it once but it is super pretty and glittery. (£14.99 from a discount MAC store)

The second thing I got was a wax jacket from Marks and Spencer's. I know this is not your usually place to this kind of thing from but it is really nice and living in the country side (kind of) I think this is a useful by. (£45)

The third and final thing I got was my favourite it is a jumper that goes from navy to hot pink and is slightly longer at the back then the front, I think this will look really nice with black leggings. (£14.99 from T K Maxx)

Not a very big spree but I love all things I bought. I am of to Ikea tomorrow so I will show you my purchases from there.

Thanks Beth xxx

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