Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Hey, how are you? Today I am writing about my dog Ellie, this is because I get so many questions about her, so I thought it was about time to tell you about her. (Beware a photo heavy post).

So Ellie is a 6 year old Weimaraner. If you haven't heard of a Weimaraner or silver ghost as they are sometimes called, they are a gun dog originally from Germany. The 'W' at the begging if pronounced as a 'V' by the way. And they resons they get called silver ghosts is because they are a silver grey colour with either amber or blue eyes, shes got blue.

Weimaraner's have got webbed feet, this is beacause they are supposed to love water, Ellie hates it she will even walk around a puddel and if it raining she won't go outside. They are short haired with pink skin.
We have had Ellie since she was puppy and boy we didn't know what were letting ourselves in for. They are very loyal dogs that are very scatty and rather crazy. She barks, a lot, but she is very loving and a bit of soft really. She loves children, not a fan of other dogs, likes women but doesn’t like men. We think the reason that she doesn’t like men might be something to do with her mum as she didn’t either.

She has done basic training but she is naughty (she used to get sent out of puppy training classes cause she was so naughty) her favourite game is to steal food, as long as humans are eating eat she wants it, doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like it. Apart from them few this she is such a lovely dog and I can’t imagine not comming her to her every day.

Did you enjoy that or was it totally boring? If you liked it I might tell you about my other pets as well, but I'm not sure yet?
Beth xxx


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  2. Gorgeous dog! Lovely post, I have a Yorkshire Terrier - he's like my baby. Thank you for sharing Honey :)


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