Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Wellies !!!!!X

Hi all you lovly people I have been I very busy girl so this maybe a bit of a long blog so I will get on with it shall I ? so to start I went to london and as a london girl at heart I love london so I had a fab time shopping sight seeing blah blah blah.

So after a long hard day at school on monday I came home to find a rather large box wating for me.So after opened I was greeted by my lovly gold hunter wellies O.M.G they are they best things ever.(on Thursday I is there offical first day out so i will be putting pics on then)

So I have a new hair style to share with you all so instead of talking you through step by step with images I throught I would just make a quick vidio about it to show all you lovly people.
Sorry about the sound and my camera techniques I still new but hope fully I will get better
Thanks Beth XXX

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