Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hey you pretty people I am so sorry this week I have the week of and I was going to do loads of post and I just have not got round to it so I am so so sorry.So what have I been up to well got my hair cut, bought a dress oh and bought some magnetic nail varnish (I will pause one moment for you to ohh with excitement). I know, it's amazing but i will get onto that first i want to mention this dress as it not something i would normally go for but i absolutely love it. Well it's deep purple with a mini dress then a chiffon maxi dress over it. I haven't put any pics on yet because I will be wearing it for my Christmas eve party so I will put pics on then.

Now the exiting part the magnetic nail varnish (ohhhhh) so it boots 17 collection and it's £5.99 but when I got it it had a £1 off , it comes in four colours green, gray, purple and blue I got it in the purple. you can find it at this link so how do you achieve magnetic nails well you paint them and hold the magnet provided over the nail and there simple isn't it? now you go try it.

Also I did a little DIY which was totally out of the ordinary for me so here is the finished product.
so if you would like to achieve this cheap but chic jewelery holder then follow these steps
1)get a flat piece of wood i got mine from my local wood
2) white wash it ( basically mix white paint and water
3)i put lace and pearls on mine (optional)
4)hammer hook/nails into the wood (as many as you want) and finished

One final note well two final notes my lovely friends have now got a blog so i think it only right to link you up with then  so here goes the first one Josie's and Naomi's if you really interested you could spot them on the photo from previous posts.
and the other final note i am giving a link to a song i have in my head all day as i am in a good move apart from i have to go to school tomorrow (nooooooooooooooooo)

so i am going to love you am leave you
Thanks Beth xxx

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