Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wake me up ...

Hey how you all doing? Today I am going to review rimmel wake me up foundation. I got this in glamour magazine a couple of weeks ago and I only just got round to it. So ...
Sent: light non offencive sent
Texture: light and creamy
Claims: anti-fatigue and radiant glow
Effects: This is a lovely foundation that glides on to the skin a melts into it.It has a slight shimmer to it that I know that some people will hate but I love as it really does make you glow.
Negatives: I have none I really do recommend it.
Colour match: I have only tried one colour that was 200 soft beige that is slightly dark for me but it can be worn.
(this can be found in boots/superdrug)

Have you tried this what do you think?
Thanks Beth XXX

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