Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hey today I am writing about four products that I really like and I think you should go out and but them! So I will get right to them.

so the first one i a body shop born lippy mango peach lip balm , this  is really nice on your lips and it adds a nice shine without it been too sticky .

the second is a mascara from Rimmel called sexy curves this is really good because it adds volume to lashes without making them clumpy and it never smudges.

the third is a hairspray from Trevor Sorbie called beautiful volume hairspray this is amazing because holds hair all day but does ot make it look like your wearing hair spray ( do you know what i mean?)

the finally is another lip balm from l'Occitaine called Delice des fleurs this is a lip balm that is very pink and has a slight simmer to it that is why i think it is worth buying.

I hope you like them all
Thanks Beth xxx

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  1. the rimmel mascara is just great! :)
    I'm your second follower :) xx