Thursday, 29 March 2012

Has spring spung?

a lovely summer pic of my colourful toes and a pretty flower...
Hi for those of you that know me you will be aware that winter/autumn is my favourite season, but when the sun comes out and daisy's pop up from the ground I can't help but smile. And to add to my new lease of life today I finished school for two whole weeks. OMG. I can't wait, I have so many things to do I don't think I will fit it in to two weeks.

But all this summery weather has got me in the mood for summer beauty looks and outfits and I have already picked out my favourite summer looks that I will hopefully be getting my hands on very soon.

 I don't now what this post is actually about, just a bit of a witter I think. But hope you don't mind sometimes most of the time I just like to witter.

Thanks Beth XXX

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  1. keeeep it up girl, loving the cool style x x