Sunday, 4 March 2012

newspaper nails....

Hey hope you are all well, today I am going to tell you how to create newspaper nails. These nails are something I have been doing for a while but I have been asked to do this by a couple of people so here goes.

What you will need:

*light nail polish

How to:

1) Paint your nails a light colour i picked a very light powder pink from Jessica in breath 499 and let them dry.
2) Cut your newspaper into strips and pour a small amount of vodka into the bowl
3) Take a strip of newspaper and place on nail, dip a finger into the vodka and cover nail in vodka
4) Hold this in place for a few moments then slowly remove newspaper. (if the print is not very dark lay flat again and add more vodka)

Hope you like this I will be doing more nail art soon so tell me what you would like to see.





Thanks Beth XXX

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