Friday, 4 May 2012

Hey today I am doing a post about 10 of favourite things. Now I got asked to do this by three girls so this is a quick shout out to them.
Any way on with the show so when I got asked to do this I did not know if they wanted beauty or fashion or what so I have done a mixture and some have a little story to go with them.

1) my jaeger handbag that was a gift from my grandparents (I don't have the that kind of money spend on bags.) ( the one I have linked is not the right colour but you get the idea)

2) Marc Jacobs perfume now I know that some people have said that to them this smells slightly grassy but I love it is also the last gift that my Nana gave me before she died so it is very special to me.

3) Bobbi brown foundation my go to foundation

4) my Bobbi brown creme blush for a light glow in my cheeks

5) mac lipstick in dress it up

6) body shop eyeliner

7)mua heaven and earth eyeshadow palette

8)princess sign that I got at a tiny gift shop on a school trip

9)Chanel powder foundation

10) my beautiful dressing table sorry about the mess

Thanks Beth XXX
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