Monday, 30 April 2012

powder puff

Hey today I am going to be talking about another lip product, by now you have properly got that lip product are a fave of mine, so the lip product that I am reviewing is the matte lip cream by collection 2000 in cream puff in powder puff.
it's the one on the right...

Look: I love the look of this on the lip as it is nude but still has warmth to it.

Smell: This smells amazing it smells like toffee

Texture: It's not drying, matte and very soft on the lips. What my can I say? The only things i have to say is to make sure you don't have chapped lips or it can make then look drier. is drier a word? who knows.

Overall I like this product and I am going to and by the other colours and I think you should too.
you can get it here

Thanks Beth XXX

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