Saturday, 11 August 2012

Too early?

Hi how are you all? I don't know about you but I am now sick of the half hearted British summer. You may now be screaming at your computer in dismay but the nice hot few days we have had are nice but I just love autumn so much, I can hardly wait for it to get here. so to get you all in the autumn mood i made a nice mood board for you.

What do you think is it too early or can you not wait to crunch those leaves with them boots (how gorgeous are they?)
Thanks Beth xxx


  1. Never to early for a/w clothes! I love buying thick jumpers in the summer ready for autumn, although with the english weather they're probably not a weird thing to buy in the summer!

  2. Hey Hun, you know I totally agree, as always. I am loving reading these while on holiday, it makes me smile. Even though it is over 30 here I have bought two jumpers for winter :/

  3. autumn is my favourite part of the year! LOVE ALL PICKS! XX