Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Falling in love all over again

Hiya as the nights draw in and the temperature drops I have been reaching more and more for my beloved UGG boots. Now I am aware that some people love them and some people hate them but I love them. I got mine two years ago but until the end of November I had only worn them three or four times, now this is because of two reasons one I was far too scared to ware them cause they cost so much and two I wasn't really sure what to ware them with.

These are my babies, they are not the typical brown ones but I may have to buy a pair of them ones just so I have two colours. Mine are a deep purple with tiny shiny dots on the in a floral pattern (they sound hideous but they are nice) and inside they have the deep purple furry lining.

(how cosy does that look???)
But I have become brave and I have been waring them out and I just love them all over again. they are seriously the cosyest, warmest , comfiest thing I have ever had the privilege to put on my feet.

So if you have been convinced into buying a pair then you can check them out here.

Beth xxx

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