Sunday, 7 October 2012

Friday Party

Hi all, i planned to this post yesterday but I felt like death (no joke) so I am doing it today instead. Anyway lets just get on with it, so I went to a party on Friday night (the beautiful Naomi's 16th) and I have some lovely pictures of my gorgeous friends (not of me as I was taking them so bit tricky to take them and be in them).

pretty flowers on the table
These candles did say hug me, love me and kiss me but you can't see that anymore

the beautiful Josie and Laura

Happy Birthday

My friends (starting from the left) Georgie, Catriona, Sarah, Katy and Annie

Naomi and Tilly

and the birthday girl blowing out her candles (her mum made that cake it was very yummy)
I hope this is not too boring for you as you have no idea who these people are, but I don't know you might like to see?
Beth xxx

P.S i will be showing you what i was wearing when I get the other photos.

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