Monday, 23 September 2013


Hi today I am writing one of those 'deep' life posts, so I'm sorry if that's not for you but I quiet like getting things of my chest and if they have any impact on anybody else, then that's a plus point. The topic today is friends, which may seem a little open and slightly random but being a 16 year old girl trying to scramble through school while keeping friends, trying to have boyfriends and doing well in school, its very important.

In school your friends are the ones that are going be with you every step of the way helping you through whatever s**t school decided to throw at you and you really need to know who your friends are and which ones are going throw it back in your face.

At the moment I have just started 6th form, which for me doesn't mean leaving my school but it does mean loads more new people coming and changing up a few friendship groups that have formed throughout the years. This can be scary but it can also be such an adventure.

Now I have had the same few close friends for a number of years and it all worked till we had the bombshell that one was leaving to live at the other side of the world. This is one of the biggest things I have had to deal with and unless you have gone through the same things I'm sorry you just wont get it. But this has meant that as group of 4 now we have become very close and the idea of having people coming and ruining this has scared me all summer. In my head we were going drift apart leaving us saying hi in the corridor and all walking our separate ways. I was wrong.

Yes new people have become friends with us but that hasn't changed how we are friends with each other because we have been through so much that others wont understand and that cant just be erased and discarded.

So what am banging on about? I think what I am trying to say is although change may seem big and too much it sometimes means you get to see who your true friends are and what they really mean to you.

I hope that was of some use to somebody maybe someone that has just started a new school or collage but it was just nice to actually write it down so I don't really mind if anyone else doesn't find it helpful.

I like writing these types of post, what do you think? Maybe I could write about another topic e.g. boys or school? Just an idea.

Beth xxx

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