Friday, 6 April 2012

such a nice day

 Hay I had a fab day with a very close friend the other day when we had the nice weather and I thought I would share some pics I took with you all.

a very pretty picture of near where i live over a bridge.
(don't you think this would be the perfect place for a romantic kiss on a evening, just saying)

we had our nails done that day Naomi had a french manicure and i had a very pretty lilac that looks blue on this pic.

a little picnic we had on while on a mini bike ride.

Naomi on the bike ride

me on the bike ride wearing top from primark, hoodie from abercrombier and Fitch, leggings from new look, shoes from new look, and necklace from monsoon.

Hope you had a nice day?

Thanks Beth XXX


  1. Omg my friend and I love your blog we stumbled across it one day and have been hooked ever since. It looks super cute where you live is it near the Buckingham palace area cos I think i saw that bridge when I went to London. I just want to say that your blog is Awesome keep up the good work ;)
    lots of love ally and carmin-lo

  2. I live there! Kissed someone on that bridge as well :') Was the best day of my life. love the blog too :D xxx