Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New MAC lipstick!

Hi today I am telling you all about my brand new MAC lipstick. Now I know I don't have to praise mac lipsticks as you all know the power of them. But this is my first mac lipstick as I have had some bad experience with a mac lip gloss. This lip gloss is a really nice pale pink with slight sparkle in it, but it has the most hideous smell that I just can't get over. Any way I got over it and purchased a lipstick (at a discount as well).

The lipstick I got is called Dress it up it is £16.50 online and at the mac shop but I got it at a dicount cosmetics store that sells mac for £11.75.

This lipstick is a perfect baby pink in a pro long wear (which really does last a very long time) any way i love the texture as it i matt and the colour is just perfect.

Which is you favourite mac lipstick? and  have you got the same one I have?

Thanks Beth XXX

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  1. Yep I have the same one it's nice x