Sunday, 24 June 2012

how to make cute bows

Hey today I am showing you all how to do a mini hair bow. I made these because I was going to give them as a gift but I didn't get them done in time naughty me. But they are super easy to make in a few steps.

What you will need:
Rectangle of material
Sewing machine/needle and thread

Step 1: Face you two pieces of fabric together and sew all the way around but leave a 2cm gap to turn the fabric through.

Step 2: Turn the raw edge of the fabric in and sew really the edge the to make a rectangle fully sewn up.

Step 3: Pinch the bow in the middle to create a bow shape and stitch it in place.

Step 4: Dip the ribbon into the glue and wrap it around the centre of the bow.

Step 5: Leave to dry and your finished.

You can use your bow for many things I have attached a hair grip so I can wear it in my hair.
I hope you like your bow
Thanks Beth xxx

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