Saturday, 9 June 2012

Soleil tan de Chanel

Hi today I am doing a haul and a mini review for my new Chanel bronzer that I bought had bought for me. this bronzer has got many great reviews people and I so know why it is a perfect light bronze with a medium to heavy glitter in it. (sorry for the bad pictures i took them on my laptop camera because i am too lazy to walk all the way downstairs to get my camera, i know)

i know you can't see the perfect amout of glitter in here but trust me i can not stop using this product it is brilliant.

You can get it here.

Thanks Beth xxx


  1. i just watched your video and it is really good!! please make some more videos:) oh and that bronzer looks really nice but i bet i cant afford it!

  2. I love Chanel products, I'd really like to try this bronzer too, just wish they weren't so expensive! x