Friday, 23 November 2012


Hi, hope you are all well? Today I wanted to tell you all why it has been a bit quite on here, I've had exams and have them all next week so I'm trying my very hardest to fit writing in around them. Anyway I wanted to talk about how much I am loving autumn/winter, I mean how cosy does it feel when it's freezing outside and you get in side and you walk in to a wall of warmth? So here are 10 things I love about winter:
  • my new 'real' fire, it's so warm it's crazy
  • cuddling up with my baby boy (not a real baby, a cat) 
  • drinking crazy amounts of tea
  • winter walks in the wood 
  • getting all wrapped up in big jumpers and wellies
  • having candles light all the time
  • dark mornings (I know most people hate them but I just love them)
  • the run up to Christmas, I'm sooo excited
  • all the pretty colours around this time
  • Christmas parties approaching


 Whats your favourite things about winter?
Beth xxx
P.S I'm holding a giveaway very soon so keep a eye out for that!!! 

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